The Wedding Cake is probably one of the most talked about items from a Wedding besides the Brides Dress.  Not only should a Wedding Cake look amazing, it should taste amazing as well.  My goal is to achieve both of these for your Wedding day!


Wedding Cakes are priced on a per slice bases.  My prices are $2.25 per serving.  There may be an additional charge for Fillings or Fondant.  This will always be discussed at the time of the consultation.

Kitchen Cakes can also be purchased and are a great addition for Weddings with larger crowds.  It allows a more economical alternative for those on a budget.  Kitchen Cakes are $1.25 per serving with the purchase of a Wedding Cake.

Grooms Cakes are typically a reflection of the Grooms interests or hobbies.  Pricing varies on the Grooms Cakes depending on design.

Don't forget to ask about Cream Cheese Mints!



At your consultaion, we will discuss the size and type of Wedding Cake you would like.  You can choose from a design I have already done, bring a photo of one you've seen or we can design your own.  I will also provide you with a sample cake that you can take home and enjoy afterwards.


Upon booking your Wedding date, there will be a deposit of $50 due.  The deposit is used in two different ways.  First, it holds the Wedding date; I know that I have a cake and you know that you have a baker! Second, the deposit covers the use of my equipment that is used in the construction of your cake.  This does not go towards the balance on your cake.  The deposit will then be returned to you once I receive my equipment back in good condition.

If you cancel the wedding or decide to go with another baker, the deposit is non-refundable.


I will deliver within the city limits of Springfield at no additional cost.  Venues outside of Springfield will incur a $1.50 per mile (one-way) fee.


Full payment of the balance is due 10-days prior to your Wedding date.  Payments may be made prior to this date.  I understand that certain situations may arise, please call me and I would be happy to work something out.  However, I cannot deliver a Wedding cake unless it is paid for in full.

Legal Stuff

Once I have set your Wedding cake up and it has been left in good condition, my responsibility ends.  I cannot be held liable for little fingers that tasted the icing or a table being bumped and the cake falling down.  I also cannot be held liable for any allergies you or your guests may have.  This is a cake and it contains egg, flour, milk products, nut product/traces, etc.

If you plan on getting married outdoors, I prefer to set-up as late as possible.  Heat and buttercream do not mix well.  Also, be aware of bugs, birds and dirt that could get on your cake.  I want you to have the cake of your dreams and will do what I can to provide that, sometimes Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate.

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